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  ▲2019 年

  2019 全国 I 卷

  It is difficult to figure out a global population of polar bears as much of the range has been 62 (poor) studied.

  In recent years some Inuit people in Nunavut have reported increases in bear sightings around human settlements, leading to a 66 (believe) that populations are increasing.

  2019 全国 II 卷

  Her years of hard work have 63 (final) been acknowledged after a customer nominated (提名) her to be Cheshire’s Woman Of The Year.

  We are so proud of her. It’s 70 (wonder).

  2019 全国 III 卷

  When they were free from work, they invited us to local events and let us know of an interesting 66 (compete) to watch, together with the story behind it. They also shared with us many 67 (tradition) stories about Hawaii that were 68 (huge) popular with tourists.

  2019 浙江

  When the children are walking or cycling to school on dark mornings, car drivers can 60 (easy) see them.

  Other American studies showed no 64 (connect) between uniforms and school performance.

  School uniforms are 65 (tradition) in Britain, but some schools are starting to get rid of them.

  2019 北京

  Students should have a proper attitude towards college before thinking about which college to attend, and it’s never too early to make necessary preparations for a healthy and 10 (meaning) college experience.


  2018 全国 I 卷

  To avoid knee pain, you can run on soft surfaces, do exercises to 68 (strength) your leg muscles (肌肉), avoid hills and get good running shoes. Running is cheap, easy and it’s always 69 (energy).

  2018 全国 II 卷

  A taste for meat is 63 (actual) behind the change: An important part of its corn is used to feed chickens, pigs, and cattle.

  This switch has decreased 66 (pollute) in the country’s major lakes and reservoirs and made drinking water safer for people.

  According to the World Bank, China accounts for about 30 percent of total 67 (globe) fertilizer consumption.

  2018 全国 III 卷

  My name is Mireya Mayor. I’m a 66 (science) who studies animals such as apes and monkeys.

  2018 浙江卷

  The obvious one is money; eating out once or twice a week may be 62 (afford) but doing this most days adds up.

  Researchers have found that there is a direct link between the increase in food eaten outside the home and the rise in 64 (weigh) problems.


  2017 全国 I 卷

  Having enough fat and salt in your meals will reduce the urge to snack (吃点心) between meals and will improve the taste of your food. However, be 69 (care) not to go to extremes.

  2017 全国 II 卷

  Steam engines were used to pull the carriages and it must have been 66 (fair) unpleasant for the passengers, with all the smoke and noise.

  This development was only possible with the69 (introduce) of electric-powered engines and lifts. The central London Railway was one of the most 70 (success) of these new lines, and was opened in 1900.

  2017 全国 III 卷

  She is determined to carry on with her66 (educate).

  I don’t want to get too absorbed in modeling. It is70 (certain) fun but the lifestyle is a little unreal.

  2017 浙江卷

  But something made her look closer, and she noticed a 57 (shine) object.


  2016 全国 I 卷

  Chengdu has dozens of new millionaires, Asia’s biggest building, and fancy new hotels. But for tourists like me, pandas are its top 61 (attract).

  The title will be63 (official) given to me at a ceremony in London.

  2016 全国 II 卷

  If you feel stressed by responsibilities at work, you should take a step back and identify (识别) those of greater and less importance. Then, handle the most important tasks first so you’ll feel a real sense of 42 (achieve).

  Recent studies show that we are far more productive at work if we take short breaks 47 (regular).

  2016 全国 III 卷

  Food in small pieces could be eaten easily with twigs which46 (gradual) turned into chopsticks. Some people think that the great Chinese scholar Confucius, who lived from roughly 551 to 479 B.C. influenced the48 (develop) of chopsticks.


  2015 全国 I 卷

  Abercrombie & Kent, a travel company in Hong Kong, says it 69 (regular) arranges quick getaways here for people living in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

  2015 全国 II 卷

  In addition to their simple beauty, what makes the adobe dwellings admirable is their 63 (able) to “air condition” a house without using electric equipment.

  Walls made of adobe take in the heat from the sun on hot days and give out that heat65 (slow) during cool nights.

  As 69 (nature) architects, the Pueblo Indians figured out exactly how thick the adobe walls needed to be to make the cycle work on most days.


  ▲2019 年

  2019 全国 I 卷 62. poorly 66. belief

  2019 全国 II 卷 63. finally 70. wonderful

  2019 全国 III 卷 66. competition 67. traditional 68. hugely

  2019 浙江 60. easily 64. connection / connections 65. traditional

  2019 北京 10. meaningful


  2018 全国 I 卷 68. strengthen 69. energetic

  2018 全国 II 卷 63. actually 66. pollution 67. global

  2018 全国 III 卷 66. scientist

  2018 浙江卷 62. affordable 64. weight


  2017 全国 I 卷 69. careful

  2017 全国 II 卷 66. fairly 69. introduction 70. successful

  2017 全国 III 卷 66. education 70. certainly

  2017 浙江卷 57. shiny / shining


  2016 全国 I 卷 61. attraction 63. officially

  2016 全国 II 卷 42. achievement 47. regularly

  2016 全国 III 卷 46. gradually 48. development


  2015 全国 I 卷 69. regularly

  2015 全国 II 卷 63. ability 65. slowly 69. natural


  1. 形容词 → 副词

  poor — poorly;

  final — finally;

  huge — hugely;

  easy — easily;

  actual — actually;

  fair — fairly;

  certain — certainly;

  official — officially;

  regular — regularly;

  gradual — gradually;

  slow — slowly

  2. 动词 →名词

  believe — belief;

  compete — competition;

  connect — connection;

  pollute — pollution;

  weigh — weight;

  introduce — introduction;

  educate — education;

  attract — attraction;

  achieve — achievement;

  develop — development

  3. 名词 →形容词

  wonder — wonderful;

  tradition — traditional;

  meaning — meaningful;

  globe — global;

  success — successful;

  care — careful;

  nature — natural;

  energy — energetic

  4. 动词 →形容词

  afford — affordable

  shine — shiny / shining;

  5. 形容词 →名词

  able — ability

  6. 名词 →动词

  strength — strengthen

  7. 名词 →名词(人)

  science — scientist



  0 1




  absolutely, completely, exactly, extremely, frequently, obviously, particularly, similarly, suddenly


  -able / -ible:

  reasonable, flexible, reliable, valuable, accessible, considerable


  effective, sensitive, attractive, impressive

  -al / -ial:

  practical, beneficial, financial, facial, mental, personal


  considerate, fortunate


  powerful, successful, wonderful, fearful, respectful, skillful, thoughtful, shameful


  likely, lively, lonely, deadly, elderly, hourly, yearly, daily


  confident, convenient, independent, different, violent


  countless, homeless, useless, breathless, effortless, selfless


  guilty, healthy, hungry, sleepy, tasty, thirsty, wealthy, worthy, dusty


  energetic, scientific, fantastic

  -ary / -ory:

  contradictory, documentary, imaginary


  obvious, various, adventurous, ambitious, courageous, disastrous, mountainous


  -ity / -ty / -y:

  curiosity, responsibility, safety, security, similarity, necessity

  -ance / -ence:

  appearance, performance, acceptance, confidence, preference, significance

  -sion / -tion:

  contribution, decision, impression, admission, concentration, discussion, donation


  strength, depth, growth, length, warmth, width


  achievement, treatment, amusement, arrangement, excitement, improvement

  -ure / -ture / -ature:

  failure, pressure, exposure, mixture, signature


  building, suffering, understanding, warning


  approval, arrival, survival


  accuracy, fluency, frequency, privacy


  awareness, coldness, weakness



  concentrate, accelerate, advocate, regulate


  broaden, fasten, frighten, sharpen, strengthen, darken, deepen, harden, lengthen


  satisfy, clarify, classify, identify, qualify, simplify, terrify

  -ize / -ise:

  apologize, organize, realize, recognize


  -ar / -er / -or:

  conductor, director, engineer, beggar, employer, instructor, interviewer, lawyer, liar


  artist, novelist, specialist, tourist, pianist, scientist, violinist

  -ant :

  accountant, assistant, servant

  0 2


  anti- 反对,对抗;相反;防(止):

  anti-aging, anti-anxiety, anti-virus, antifreeze

  dis- 不,否定,相反:

  disadvantage, discourage, dishonest, dislike, disorder

  il- / im- / in- / ir- 不,非,无:

  illegal, impatient, impossible, inexpensive, immoral, inconvenient, irregular

  mis- 错误的;坏的;不,相反:

  misfortune, misunderstand, mislead, mistrust

  non- 无,不,非:

  nonprofit, nonsense, nonsmoking, nonstop, non-recycling

  un- 不;表示相反的动作:

  unable, unexpected, unfortunate, unusual, unfair, unforgettable, unnecessary


  cooperate, co-discover, co-renter, co-worker

  en- 使处于……状态,使具有……特性; 围住:

  enable, encourage, enjoy, endanger, enlarge, enrich, ensure

  extra- 在……之外,超出; 非常,格外:

  extraordinary, extra-large, extra-strong

  inter- 在……之间,相互:

  interrupt, interview,interaction, international, Internet, interval


  microbiology, microphone, microscope, microwave

  mini- (同类中) 特小的,微型的:

  minibus, minicomputer, miniskirt


  multimedia, multinational, multitask

  pre- 在……之前,预先:

  predict, prejudice, prepaid, preview

  re- 再,重新:

  remind, remove, replace, return, review, react, reaction

  tele-远(距离) 的; 电视的;使用电话的:

  telephone, telescope, television, telesales

  trans- 横穿,横贯;表示变化:

  transform, translate, transport, transportation, transplant